The first international conference on orientalism , Persian history and literature, and anniversary of Saadi Shirazi was held by the aid of Yerevan State University of Armenia and institute of Mobin Cultural Ambassadors and through scientific and intellectual sponsorship from Ministry of Sciences, Researches and Technology, Islamic Azad University Central Organization, Yerevan State University of Armenia, Khujand State University of Tajikistan, Ilia State University of Georgia, IRI Cultural Attaché in Yerevan, Sweden Institute of Kulturella Forening P.S.R, Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, Allameh Tabatabaei  University, Shahid Beheshti University, Shiraz State University, Hamedan University of Buali, International Jame Al-Mustafa University, University of Qom, Islamic Azad University Rud-e-Hen Branch, Islamic Azad University Birjand Branch, Islamic Azad University Sirjan Branch, and through official cooperation with Saadi Foundation, Iranology Foundation, IRI Academy of Persian Language and Literature, Institute of Dehkhoda Thesaurus, and International Center Traning of Persian in University of Tehran and research center for written heritage and with scientific sponsorship by the head of Iranology department of Hamburg University of Germany and chairman of Iranology center in Ablai Khan University of Kazakhstan in line with recognition, cooperation, and developing of orientalism  knowledge and Persian studies in Armenia by joint heading of Professor Asghar Dadbeh as one of the viable great figures of mystic literature and Islamic philosophy of Iran and Professor Vartan Voskanian as chairman of Iranology seat at Yerevan University of Armenia and scientific secretary of Dr. Noorali Nozad the chairman of Persian literature seat in Khujand State University of Tajikistan on May 26th 2016 (6th Khordad month 1395 in Iranian calendar).

This conference was planned at the highest scientific standard and in cooperation with the valid international scientific committee through formal request for presentation of paper, judgment about essays, determination for level of papers, publishing of the collection of papers, presentation on documentary websites and with invitation from the elected paper-owners along with attendance of salient international lecturers.

The opening ceremonies of this conference were accompanied to participation of three hundred researchers and attendance of eighty professors from several countries including Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Germany and Islamic Republic of Iran and reflected by widespread news in Iran and the world and supported by wide range of scientific and cultural institutes at domestic and international levels and it came to an end finally by proposing of acknowledgment message from Armenian president addressing to founders of this conference.

At the beginning of opening ceremony, chairman of Iranology department from Yerevan State University and head of conference, Mr. Voskanian highly appreciated Mr. Moshki, cultural attaché of our country and Dr. Melikian dean of orientalism  department in Yerevan State University for their assistances and inclusive collaborations and preparation of the needed grounds for holding of this international conference rather than expressing of welcome to all Iranians who attended in this occasion in his statements.

He also especially thanked conference secretariat that was executive of the conference by the aid of institute of Mobin cultural ambassadors and for all of the given cooperation.

After him, Professor Simonian, chancellor of Yerevan State University, welcomed the audiences and professor who attended in this conference and referred to cultural interests of Persians and Armenian people from the past time and assessed commemoration of Saadi as anniversary for Persian rich culture and civilization.

Also after presentation of a brief report about the implemented activities to hold this international conference, Mr. Nasiri as secretary of the conference and director of institute of Mobin cultural ambassadors read the message of Dr. Dadbeh the Iranian chairman of international conference for commemoration of Saadi to this conference and finally as a representative of Iranian nation he granted a statue of Saadi as a relic to Iranology seat of Yerevan State University.

One of the other lecturers in this international occasion was Mr. Seyed Kazem Sajjadi as IRI ambassador who referred to reconciliatory and ethical aspects and dialogue between cultures and avoidance from hostility in works of Saadi and assumed such teachings as a precious guideline for secured life and establishment of peace in current world and expressed his hope that continuity of such conferences to be able to be accompanied to peace, security, and sustainable tranquility for all the people in the world and region.

The opening part of international conference on orientalism and Persian history and literature and commemoration of Saadi Shirazi came to the end by lecture of Dr. Malekian as dean of department of orientalism from Yerevan State University Dr. Malekian assumed treatment of Armenians with precious and splendid works of Saadi as a reason for love and sincerity of Armenian nation toward Persian literature and phis peerless commemoration.

After the end of opening ceremonies, the specialized symposium on ‘Importance of today communication among Iran and Georgia’ was held with the presence and lecture of Dr. Sanikidze as professor of Ilia University in Georgia and chairman of orientalism  institute in this university for the interested audiences and present members where key points and the reasons and necessity and deeper and more noticeable communication strategies of Iran were mentioned in relation to countries in Caucasian states and particularly Georgia.

This international conference was continually accompanied to two specialized workshops in which chairman of Iranology department from Hamburg State University, Mr. Ludwig Paul was responsible for holding of specialized workshop titled ‘Expansion of Persian language as lingua franca’ and also Dr. Kavous Hassanli, s professor in Shiraz State University along with Dr. Cyrus Shamisa as one of professors in Allameh Tabatabaei University held specialized workshop of ‘Saadi authorship’.

Afterwards, 60 academic professors whose papers were accepted throughout the world presented lecture in three halls at both morning and evening times.

Also the valedictory ceremonies were followed by announcing of news about holding of the second international conference on orientalism, Persian studies, and Persian language as commemoration for Bidel Dehlavi in cooperation with Aligarh University in India on March 2017 and holding of the third international conference on orientology under title of ‘Role of literature in cultural diplomacy and peace establishment’ in Brussels at Belgium that administered by institute of Mobin cultural ambassadors and Andisheh Varzan Studies Group.

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