Prof Dr. Hasan Bashir chairman of Asian schientefic committee


Prof. Dr Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ali, Professor of Language and Literature Persian and Arabic and Islamic Studies, Visva Bahrati University, Bengal

Prof. Dr Vardan Voskanian, Chief of  Iranian Studies Department , Yerevan State University, Armenia

Prof. Dr George Sanikidze, Director of Oriental Studies institute, Ilia State University, Georgia

Prof. Dr Nimet Yildirim, Persian Literature Chairman, Ataturk University, Turkey

Prof. Dr Mehdi Kazimov, Chief of the Iranian philology Department, Baku State University, Azerbaijan

Prof. Dr Ivo Panov, Chief of Iranian Studies Department, Sofia State University, Bulgaria

9.Dr. Ahmad Ghani Khosrawi Former Vice Chancellor of Heret University .

Prof. Dr Yahyya Hazin, Chief of literature collage, Heart State University, Afghanistan

Prof. Dr. Tomoko Shimoyama Fuculty staff of Institute of Asian, African and Middle Eastern Studies of Sophia University , JapanFuculty staff of Asian Cultures Research Institute of Toyo University, Japan. Prof. Dr Nurali Nurzad, chief of Persian literature, Khujand State University. Tajikistan

Prof. Dr Matlube Khaje Ava, Scientific Assistant of  Khujand State University, Tajikistan

Prof. Dr Hariens Mokia, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Prof. Dr. Seyed Shahed Mehdi, former president of the University of Aligarh, National Islamic Society, India

 Prof. Dr Moosa Raza, Director of the Institute of Academies of South India, India

Prof. Dr Kolsom Abolbashr, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

Prof. Dr Abdul Qadir al-Jaafari, head of Department of Persian Language and Literature, University of Allah Abad, India

Prof. Abdul Sattar Abdul Shakoor, Academy of Sciences, Tajikistan

Prof. Dr Nayer Masood, the former head of Persian Language and Literature, University of Lucknow, India

Prof. Dr Iraq Raza Zaidi, professor of Persian language and literature, National Islamic society, India

Prof. Dr Omar Kamal AlDin, Head of Department of Persian Language and Literature, University of Lucknow, India

 Prof. Dr Zamire Ghaffar ava, Khujand State University, Tajikistan

Prof. Dr Abdul Halim, Head of Department of Persian Language and Literature, Slamic National Society, India

Prof. Dr Najaf Heydar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Dr. Azar Daneshgar, Azad Islamic university of Karaj, Iran

.Prof. Dr Akhlaque Ahmad Ahan, Associate Professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Dr. Sima Abbasi, Assistant Professor Payam noor

Dr. Asghar Ashrafi , PhD in Persian language and literature

Dr. Morteza Akhlaghi far, Assistat Professor Islamic Azad University ,karaj Branch

Dr. Mandana Alimi , Assistant Professor Islamic Azad university

Dr. Mahdi Amiri, Assistant professor of Islamci Azad University and Pnu University

Dr. Hormoz Asadi Kohabad, Assistant professor of Esfahan Islamic Azad University

Dr. Aliakbar Asiyan , , PhD in history after Islam

Dr. Behjat Torbati nejed , Director Of Farhangiyan University

Dr. Mehri Changi Ashtiyani, Assistant Professor of Technical Dr Shariati University

Dr. Azar Daneshgar, Assistant Professor of Karj Islamic Azad University

Dr. Ala Torani , Professor of Alzahra University

Dr. Fateme Emami , Assistant Professor of Rodehen Islamic Azad University

Dr. Fazollah Foladi Pour, Assistant Professor of Farhangian

Dr. Mansour Habib Dost , Assistant professor of Gilan University

Dr. Amir Hosein Hatami, Assistant professor of Imam Khomeini University

Dr. Mojgan Hajat Porbigani, Assistant Professor of Islamic Azad University

Dr Gholamreza Heidari, Assistant Professor of Abhar Islamic Azad University

Dr. Ahmad Jansiz ,Assisttant Professor of Gilan University

Dr. Monireh Khalili Mahale , Assistant Professor Of Shabestar Azad university

Dr. Mohammad Reza Shahidi Pak , Assistant Professor of Azad University

Dr. Mostafa Rostami, Assistant Professor of Mazandaran University

Dr. Saied Rozbahni , Assistant Professor of Sabzevar Azad University

Dr. Parasto Kolahdozha , Assistant Professor of Azad University

Dr. Saghar Mehr Abadi, Assistant Professor of Khaje Nasir University

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Sarboland, Assistant Professor of Farhangian University

Dr. Hosein Sarhadi Dadiyan, Assistant Professor of Zabol University

Dr Mansore Tadayoni, Assistant Professor of Allame Tabtabaei University

-Dr. Fateme Tavakoli Rostami, Assistant Professor of PNU University

Dr. Davod Yahyaei , Director of Dashtestan Azad university

Dr. Gholamreza Godarzi, Associate Professor at Imam Sadiq University

Dr . Seyed Majid Emami , Faculty Member of Imam Sadiq University